Episode 8

Building a Legacy of Wealth with Brian Tracy: Part 2

In this episode of the Real Estate Wealth Podcast, host Ed Aloe continues his discussion with Brian Tracy, a pioneering figure in the realms of personal and professional development. Ed and Brian discuss the fundamentals of goal-setting and the significance of an abundance mindset for attaining financial freedom through real estate. Brian shares his expertise on common mistakes to avoid, the power of setbacks in learning valuable lessons, and the importance of adopting an optimistic outlook towards the future.

Listen this week as Ed and Brian talk about common mistakes in business and real estate, the power of mindset, and the power of setting goals consistently.


"The more confident you are that you're going to achieve a goal, the more relaxed you are about it, the faster it comes true." -Brian Tracy [30:20]

“Clarity is so important. And the only way you have excellent, absolute clarity is to write it down. Some people write their goals down once a year. But what would happen if you wrote your goals down once a day? It is like slamming your foot on the accelerator of your own life. You start to make progress.” -Brian Tracy [38:30]


  • Goal Setting: clear, advanced planning, and consistency 
  • Viewing setbacks not as failures but as valuable lessons for future success.
  • The mentality of continuous improvement, both in personal development and in business.
  • A positive mindset will shape your success and potential.
  • Acting immediately upon decisions, especially when correcting a mistake is crucial to success. 


(01:29) Learning from setbacks and difficulties

(04:34) The value of keeping notes and records

(08:25) Using zero-based thinking to evaluate what to continue or change

(12:17) Once a decision is made, get on with it immediately

(16:36) The mindset of successful people

(23:00) Goal Setting

(37:27) Cognitive dissonance and the clash between current reality and goal statements

(43:40) Investing time and money for personal growth

(50:39) Connect with Brian Tracy


Ed Aloe


Brian Tracy

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